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As any community is governed by certain rules, the users of this website must follow the guidelines of the community they are reaching and not the one they are coming from. We expect visitors to follow the rules of the SC ZAO Media SRL community, also referred to as ZAO here in after.

SC ZAO Media SRL is operating under the rules and regulations of the Romania and UE, with its headquarters at Suceava, Nicolae Balcescu Nr 1, registered with the Trade Registry under nr. J33/423/2013, unique registration code / VAT code RO31752011

The https://zocs.eu website is operated by SC ZAO Media SRL with the purpose of promoting the services offered by our company. By using this website you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions presented on this page, as well as the terms of Personal data processing and our Cookie Policy.

If this is something you disagree with, it is your right to stop browsing the pages at this address: https://zocs.eu

Any visitor should use the website at their own risk, and the terms and conditions are applicable on any website owned by SC ZAO Media SRL

  1. Copyright. All materials present on this website are owned by SC ZAO Media SRL and cannot be copied, reproduced, modified, transmitted, sold, or used without prior written acceptance of SC ZAO Media SRL. Our users have the right to share content on social media networks with the purpose of recommending or promoting the website, without altering the content, using links to our website. Even so, if the context in which these links countervails to SC ZAO Media SRL policies, or are prejudicing SC ZAO Media SRL image, we reserve the right to ask for the link’s removal, and the user must delete those links within 48 hours from our request.
  2. The prices displayed on this website can be changed without any prior notice. The prices do not represent a guaranteed offer and for an unlimited period of time.
  3. The information, comments and releases from SC ZAO Media SRL do not represent investment consulting, transaction recommendations, or concrete sales offers and may be altered or retracted without any prior notice.
  4. The prices come with certain specifications. In case users need services with different specifications, SC ZAO Media SRL may or may not request a different price from the one present on our website.
  5. SC ZAO Media SRL is not responsible for the graphic or contextual content of its portfolio websites or those of its partners. The portfolio websites may be deleted, altered, or replaced without any prior notice and will not represent in all cases the quality of SC ZAO Media SRL’s services.
  6. SC ZAO Media SRL has the right to refuse requests that are countervailing our company policy or the applicable law. The services and prices displayed on the website do not represent a guarantee for any request coming from a user.
  7. SC ZAO Media SRL is not liable, in any way, to damages that may occur from errors or inaccuracies of the materials on this website.

The information provided by the users, be they explicit or with statistics purposes, are subject to our Confidentiality Policy.

  1. SC ZAO Media SRL cannot be held responsible for any mistakes on this website or any damages that may incur as a result of this. Anyways, we appreciate if you notify us of any of these.
  2. The prices on https://zocs.eu are displayed in Euro or USD with the specification whether they contain TAX or not and they can be changed without any prior notice. Also, SC ZAO Media SRL has the right to change the availability or structure of services packages without any prior notification.
  3. SC ZAO Media SRL cannot guarantee that the messages sent to it are received in the same initial form or that the message will remain confidential during the delivery process.
  4. Confidentiality Policy. Please follow and read the Confidentiality Policy section because it is concerning this website.
  5. The website contains links to other websites. SC ZAO Media SRL is not responsible for the content of these websites, in case these websites don’t work properly or are affected by malware. In any case, notifying us about this is much appreciated.
  6. SC ZAO Media SRL is a registered mark of SC ZAO Media SRL. Usage of its materials without a prior written consent is strictly forbidden.

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